customer engagementThe total global utility spend on engagement technology tools aimed at customers is to hit $774m by 2022 according to Navigant Research. By the end of 2016 research shows that utilities will have invested over $636 million towards analysing, improving and engaging better with customers.

Navigant Research have recently released research to show that utilities will increase their upgrading and investment in a bid to vastly improve the customer engagement in key programmes such as energy efficiency and demand response.

Due to the increased competition within the communication sector and increasingly innovative tools to measure consumer engagement there are now more ingenious ways for customers to interact with utilities. From the rise of social media to an increase in real time grid statuses the increase in information and communication between utility and consumer has grown substantially.

Paige Leuschner from Navigant Research noted that, “Customer engagement used to entail sending a monthly energy bill, dealing with high bill complaints, and finding resolutions for customers experiencing power outages. Customers are now more proactive and expect more insight into energy usage.”

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