Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy – The US power and gas utility are planning to equip all of their customers with smart meters by the end of 2016. The roll out is hoped to improve billing for their customers by getting rid of estimated billing.

Consumer Energy’s Kathryn Burkholder, said that, “It offers our customers the opportunity to go online and look at their hourly energy use. It gives us an opportunity to offer programs for our customers like a pre-paid program where they can pay as they go. There are lots of interesting programs available with the new meter technology.”

The utility company serving 6.6 million customers in Michigan said it will install the smart meters for its consumers in the towns of  Parma and Concord by late August under the $750 million project.

The $750 million project is focused on the 6.6 million customers based in Michigan and it’s estimated that in total the project will save $1.8 billion. In January it was announced the Itron would expand their infrastructure rollout contract and include a 20 year maintenance agreement with Consumers Energy.

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