turkish energyTurkish Energy Market Liberalising Further

The Turkish energy market has drawn an increase in the much needed investment and efficiency. This has led to additional capital for the economy as a whole according to the chair of Sabanci Holings, Guler Sabanci.

Speaking recently Sabanci said that the further liberalisation of the electricity and gas markets were the country’s ultimate end goal. She added that Turkey could be seen as an excellent example of having a very effective reform program in place their power sector.

The generation capacity has almost tripled in the past 15 years and the country has managed to cope with strong growth in the power demand. “An investment of $70 billion has been made into new power generation capacity and also in generation and distribution in the last decade. We, as Enerjisa, invested $11 billion of this together with our partner E.ON. Security of electricity supply is much better than 8-10 years before.”

Through a liberalised gas market and increased trade the country is hoping to become a significant gas trading hub in the region. She went on to say that, “The same is true for electricity, which can also be achieved by larger interconnections and improved electricity exchange market conditions, “Turkey has an effective leadership, and a young and dynamic population that is open to new technologies, and aware of climate change and sustainability. It also has strong growth prospects and enthusiastic energy industry players,”

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