south koreaTechnology company South Korea Telecom (SKT) have now finalised their rollout of a nationwide Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) based on LoRa technology.

SK Telecom are looking to develop tracking, metering and monitoring services. They have been conducting an Advanced Meter Infrastructure pilot programme since 2015 and have recently announced their intention to launch AMI services.

SK Telecom’s President of Mobile Network Business, Lee Hyung-hee said that, “SK Telecom is proud to announce the nationwide deployment of LoRaWAN as it marks the first important step towards realizing connectivity between infinite number of things, going beyond the traditional role of telecommunications centered on connectivity between people.

“Going forward, SK Telecom will develop and offer a wide variety of IoT services designed to offer new value for customers, while working closely with partners including SMEs and startups to vitalize the IoT ecosystem.”

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