IoTFrench network provider Sigfox and their subsidiary WND have agreed to partner with IotNet Mexico to deploy a new network in Mexico City.

The mega city with a population of over 21 million people will create one of the largest markets for smart city applications.

Head of IotNet, Daniel Guevara stated that: “As part of a group that is providing utility services to major Mexican companies and is deploying the first metering-as-a-service in the country, we made an extensive comparison of the available LPWA and cellular technologies and concluded Sigfox was superior in simplicity, choice of hardware vendors and ecosystem support. But more than that, we chose them for their disruptive business model and their versatile global ecosystem that helps SNOs and their customers quickly implement the IoT.”

WND was founded by Chris Bataillard regarding the partnership he stated that the “SIGFOX network will help unlock the promise of the Internet of Things across Mexico, because it is simple, fast and affordable to connect millions of devices that will share their data over multiple applications. By deploying the SIGFOX network in Mexico with IotNet Mexico, we are substantially increasing the scale of the deployments in the region to reduce even further the costs of bringing this network to cities and businesses who are committed to delivering value added IoT services in Latin America.”

“This partnership with IotNet Mexico continues our rapid network deployment in Latin America and adds another key country to our global seamless network,” said Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, SIGFOX executive vice president networks and operators. “With the addition of Mexico, SIGFOX and its network operator partners are currently deploying the SIGFOX network in countries totalling one billion people, with one third of this population under effective coverage today.”

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