smart gas meterEurope Overtakes America As Largest Smart Gas Meter Market

Changes in the regulations surrounding energy efficiency and gathering speed of smart meter roll-outs has seen Europe overtake America as the largest global market for smart gas meters.

Luxembourg is currently conducting a dual fuel rollout with similar projects planned throughout Europe after successful pilots. Germany, Ireland, Austria, UK and Belgium are all currently pushing forwards with their roll outs.

France, Italy, Netherlands and the UK are currently the key markets for the smart gas meter rollout as the region surpasses the Asian and N.American market.

Maximilian-Eckart Wernicke from Frost and Sullivan said that, “The passing of favourable legislation such as the Third Energy Package of the European Union provided substantial impetus to the growth of advanced metering solutions. Without nationwide mandates, gas utilities would have overlooked the residential segment and offered smart gas meters only to industrial and commercial customers with annual consumption of more than 1,500,000 kWh.”

The technology which once drove the industry forward has become rapidly commoditised as pressure from Chinese manufacturers has taken its toll. Wernicke added that “As a result, many established vendors are increasingly defining their value proposition as the optimisation of the business processes of the utility. This development marks a transition phase in which meter manufacturers convert from mere component suppliers to full-line service providers offering energy management solutions and conducting the meter reading on behalf of their customers.”

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